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A Virus In My Eyes

Since the first signs for Covid-19 in the US I realized the gravity of the situation. I changed all the procedures at our clinic and ordered all the necessary supplies to protect the staff and our patients. From the beginning, I knew we were dealing with a severe problem and we were not prepared to face it!

By myself, I have changed the way I live, staying at home as much as possible, working online through Telepsychiatry, and having the minimal contact with people “face to face”, or better, mask to mask. I avoid people not using masks and did my best to keep the recommended distance and cleaning guidelines. To the best of my knowledge, I have not been in contact with anybody with “The Virus”.

I was “surprised” when about 12 days ago I noticed some redness on my right eye. I never had a conjunctivitis. Of course, my first concern was, “is this it, The Virus?” I shared my concern with my son, he is doing research in genetics and is working close in a big team, trying to figure out as much as they can about the Corona Virus and possible treatments. He decreased my “panic” after we discussed my symptoms, only one eye, no rhinitis, or any other symptom. As a medical doctor, I went to look over causes of conjunctivitis and the description matched a viral conjunctivitis. I decided to do it by myself and did not call my PCP. I went to the pharmacy and with the help of a pharmacist, I told him I am a psychiatrist, and humbly asked him to guide me to choose the most appropriate eye drops. I got it and as described on the classical book about conjunctivitis, after 10 days the infection is over!

It was not the Covid-19, even though I did not test it, it was very unlikely it! I am at the age and with the medical problems, that put me as a highly susceptible person to die if infected! This was a wake up call; “I have got a virus in my eyes”, even though I have been following all the instructions to prevent it. Thinking more over it, I realized that I use eyeglasses all the time, I would touch my eyeglasses to adjust them to my face, even when I was using a mask, very carefully though!

I like the Buddhist tale about “Good Luck and Bad Luck”, if you do not know it, I highly recommend it! I think that getting a conjunctivitis at this time, and not having Covid-19, could be a sign of “Good luck”, a wake up call. It shows me that I have not been careful enough, and if it was Covid-19, I would have a bigger problem and not writing this message right now, likely intubated or gone!

All the best!!!


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