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Dedicated to creating connections that help us learn from one another to achieve greater well-being.

You are a wise soul

You know that true well-being resides in a whole body, mind, and spirit.
But the demands of everyday life make you feel less than your best.

You may…

  • Suffer from anxiety, depression, or physical disease yourself, or treat patients who do

  • Seek greater connection with your higher self and the deeper wisdom of the world

  • Desire inner stillness and relaxation, but struggle to implement your own mindfulness practices

We’re here to help! Reflecting Together is a unique collective of wellness practitioners in a range of fields, from psychotherapy to yoga, and from neurobiology to sound therapy.

What We
Specialize In

We specialize in creating a safe space for people to rest and relax. Our workshops connect healers and patients, opening lines of communication, and helping people take inspired action and a new approach to career, health, family, and relationships.


Our mission is to create a connection with others. By interacting with others in a safe and creative environment, we believe learning and knowledge are promoted, and experience is facilitated. The result is personal growth in maturity and development of our spirituality.

Founder of
Reflecting Together

Dr. Pedro Guimaraes M.D., Ph.D. is a Psychiatrist with experience in Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy. He also has over 40 years experience in Neuroscience. He has done research on the relationship of the Limbic System ...


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